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Service Manager record relationship models

Service Manager Service Desk relationship models are methods to control the relationships between records inside Service Manager. The Service Desk relationship models affect four record types: Service Desk interaction records, Incident Management incident records, Change Management change records, and Request Fulfillment records. A Service Desk Agent can:

  • Open an incident, complaint, or request for information in Incident Management
  • Open a request for change in Change Management
  • Open a Request Fulfillment record to order a product or service

    For example, if a user complains that a printer has stopped working and the Service Desk Agent determines that an older printer is not compatible with a new laptop, the agent can open a Request Fulfillment record to order a new printer for the user. Once the order is placed, the Service Desk Agent can close the interaction record and add the Request Fulfillment record number for the new printer to the resolution note of the interaction. The Request Fulfillment record is also associated to the interaction record, so that even though the interaction is at a closed status the agent can refer back to the closed interaction to check the status of the related Request Fulfillment record.

The following can be set in the Service Desk Environment Profile record and are models for managing Service Desk record relationships:

  • Full Service Desk Model: In this model, the state of a Service Desk interaction record changes when each related record closes. The closed state of an interaction record depends on the notification value chosen for the "Notify By" field in the interaction record. For example, if the notification value is "Telephone," the interaction record has a required action before it is closed. This action describes why the customer must be contacted. It also prevents the interaction record from closing until all required actions are complete. In this case, the interaction record goes into the Callback state before it is closed. For more information, see Full Service Desk model.
  • All Records close Independently: In this model, all Service Desk interaction records close independently. The state of related records does not affect closing an interaction record, and closing the interaction record does not affect related records.
  • Close Interactions when Related Record closes: In this model, when the last related record closes, the Service Desk interaction record closes.
  • Cannot close Related Record until Interactions are closed: In this model, records related to a Service Desk interaction cannot close until the interaction record is closed.
  • Cannot close Interactions until Related Records are closed: In this model, a Service Desk interaction record cannot close until all related Incident Management records, Change Management records, and Request Management records are closed.

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