In the case of Service Manager Telephony (standard system), the following occurs when a phone call comes in to the Windows client (Web Client):

  • RTE (Java telephony applet) generates a ReceiveInteraction event

    Note In the Web client, the Java telephony applet prompts the user to save before receiving the call.

  • RTE (Java telephony applet) passes the event to the System Event Handler (SEH)
  • SEH starts the us.router RAD application in a new RAD thread

When you make a phone call, the RAD application sends a MakeCall event to the SEH, which invokes an RTE function (Java telephony applet).

While system events are normally communicated between the application layer and the RTE (Java telephony applet), they can also pass events between RAD applications and between RTE (Java telephony applet) functions.

To send a system event from RAD, use the event.send RAD Command panel. You must use -2 as the Thread ID. Fill in the Event Name with the name of the event and pass any parameters in the Names and Values arrays. Since each event is arbitrary, so are the parameters it requires.

When receiving a system event in a RAD application, use the and event.value() functions to get the event name and parameters for that event.

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