CI Information Usage

When referring to the concept of CI information it is important to make the distinction between a UCMDB CI and a Service Manager (SM) CI. The UCMDB model represents a topology that contains a number of CI types and relationships.

The UCMDB topology can be represented in Service Manager as a single entity. Multiple CIs from UCMDB and their attributes are merged into a single record in SM and the relevant UCMDB attributes are mapped to their appropriate counterparts in the SM record.

A picture depicts the CI information usage

The above figure shows the correlation between the UCMDB topological model and its representation of the Computer Instance together with its parallel representation in SM. The SM computer CI contains all of the UCMDB information that is passed through the integration.

In the push flow, in the UCMDB topological view several CIs such as Node, IP, Interface, Location, File System, CPU, Disk Device and their Relationships are converted into a single SM computer record with the IP, MAC Address and Location, File System, CPU and Disk Device attributes.

In the population flow, the conversion is reversed.