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Purpose of the Integration

An integration between Universal CMDB (UCMDB) and Service Manager enables you to share information about the actual state of a configuration item (CI) between your UCMDB system and a Service Manager system. CIs commonly include IT services, hardware and software. Any organization that wants to implement the best practices Configuration Management and Change Management ITIL processes can use this integration to verify that CIs actually have the attribute values the organization has agreed to support.

You can use this integration to automate the creation of Service Manager change or incident records to update or roll back CIs that have unexpected attribute values. Service Manager allows you to programmatically define what actions you want to take whenever a CI’s actual state does not match the expected state as defined in the CI record.

The integration offers several different ways for users to view CI actual state information:

  • By default, the integration automatically updates the managed fields of Service Manager CI records as part of the regular UCMDB synchronization schedule. You can choose the option to configure the integration to automatically create change or incident records instead.
  • A Service Manager user can view the current actual state of a CI by looking at the Actual State section in the CI record. When you open the Actual State section, Service Manager makes a web services request to UCMDB and displays all CI attributes the request returns. Service Manager only makes the web service call when you open this section.
  • A Service Manager user can use the View in UCMDB option to log in to the UCMDB system and view the current CI attributes from UCMDB. The Service Manager user must have a valid UCMDB user name and password to log in to the UCMDB system.