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Automatic selection of shared memory address

The Service Manager server can now automatically select a shared memory address based on your system's available memory. This change makes allocating shared memory easier on Windows systems because you no longer have to specify one particular address for your system's shared memory. The server automatically scans your system memory and selects an address range large enough to support your system's shared memory. If for some reason your system has insufficient free memory, the server will generate an error message telling you so.

The server will automatically select a shared memory address on Windows systems as long as you do not specify an address with the shared_memory_address parameter. On all Unix-based systems, the server uses the default values of the shared_memory_address parameter based on the operating system. If you previously specified a value for the shared_memory_address parameter, you can remove it from the sm.ini file to have your system automatically select a shared memory address.

Tip: We recommend you remove the shared_memory_address parameter on all Windows platforms so that the system automatically selects your shared memory address. This minimizes the chance that your system will fail to start due to a memory collision with a system resource assigned by Windows ASLR (Address space layout randomization).

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