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Use prefix and suffix in sequential numbers

This example uses prefixes and suffixes to assign character type ID numbers to workstation devices. The format of the ID is: DEV<number>T where DEV is a fixed character prefix, <number > is a sequential number starting with 1, and T is a fixed character suffix.

  1. For this example, type devices in the Class field.
  2. Type 0 in the Last Number field.
  3. Type a short description for the number class.
    For example, enter Workstation device ID counter.
  4. Leave the Decrement field blank.
  5. Type 1000 in the Reset Point field.
  6. Type 1 for the Increment/Decrement field value.
  7. Type 5 in the Length field.
  8. Type DEV in the Prefix field.
  9. Type T in the Suffix field.
  10. Click Add.

The new sequential number record is added to the sequential number file. The first sequential number for the devices class is DEV00001T.

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