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View the details of an attachment

To view the details of the files that are attached to a record, scroll down to and expand the Attachments section of the appropriate record.

Note The number of attached files is displayed on the Attachments tab heading. This enables you to identify whether a record has attachments quickly without having to expand the Attachments section.

However, the number of attached files is not displayed if a custom dynamic view dependency is configured for the section or tab title. This is because the custom dynamic view dependency may include file count information.

If a file is attached to the record, the following information is displayed in the table in "Attachments" section:

  • The name of the attached file

  • The size of the attached file (in KB)

  • The login name of the person who attached the file

  • The date when the file was attached to the record

Attached files are displayed in the order in which they were uploaded.

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