Mass Update

Mass Update enables a user (ADMIN or SYSADMIN) to update one or several fields in a set of records. Mass Update consists of three related functions, template Mass Update, Simple Mass Update, and Complex Mass Update. In a template Mass Update, a template displays a list of fields that can be updated. The user enters a value for each field to be updated to complete the process. In a Simple Mass Update, Service Manager displays a record form in which the user can enter values for selected fields. These values are then applied to all of the records selected for the Simple Mass Update. In a Complex Mass Update, Service Manager displays a form in which the user enters RAD expressions containing variables and concatenated fields to populate another field in the selected records.

The Mass Update function can be used with the following applications:

  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Desk

The Database Manager also uses Mass Update to update the following tables:

  • contacts
  • company
  • department (dept)
  • location
  • operator

The Mass Update functions in Database Manager also let you modify the contents of each record in the list of records accessed from Database Manager, by entering one or more processing statements, which Service Manager executes during adds, updates, and deletes. When add is set to true, Service Manager also executes Format Control, triggers, and macros, if present for the form.

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