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Create an incident category

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

If you are a Service Manager Administrator, you may want to create an incident category. To do this, you can modify an existing category record, or you can create a new category record. Service Manager provides out-of-box category records that you can use or modify.

Note When a category is set as the default category in settings, do not delete it to avoid unpredictable issues.

To create new category record:

  1. Click Incident Management.
  2. Click Configuration > Incident Categories.
  3. Click New.
  4. Type the name of the incident category.
  5. Clear the Active check box if you do not want the new category to appear in the category list.

    Note If you clear the Active check box, this category cannot be used to create new incidents.

  6. Type the category description.
  7. Select a workflow for the category.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Optional: Click the Link New Subcategories button to create a new subcategory for the incident category.

Note The Apply To flag indicates whether the category is shared across different modules.

For example, if the Apply To is set to "Interaction/Incident", then this category will be created in both the interaction category table and the incident category table.

Typical shared categories in the out-of-box configuration include Complaint, Request for Information, Incident, and Request for Administration.

For the Apply To flag in Incident Category:

When creating an incident category, the Apply To option is predefined as "Incident" only and cannot be modified. However, an incident category can also be created when creating an interaction category with the Apply To option set as "Interaction/Incident" or "Interaction/Incident/Problem".

When searching for an incident category, all the Apply To values that include Incident can be used.

The following list is used in Incident Category:

1 - Incident

3 - Interaction/Incident

4 - Interaction/Incident/Problem

Note Incident category name is read-only after the category is created.

Add a new subcategory to an incident category

Add a new area for an incident subcategory