KCS II profile

The KCS II profile in the out-of-box system allows you to do all of tasks a KCS I profile can do and also the following tasks:

  • Publish immediately internal knowledge documents
  • Retire and unretire knowledge documents
  • Delete retired knowledge documents
  • View and delete feedback for a knowledge document
  • Edit and review knowledge documents in the Pending Documents queue
  • Assign documents for editing and reviewing
  • Edit published documents in place without sending them to workflow
  • View adaptive learning data when adaptive learning is enabled in the system

A user with a KCS II profile may also be assigned as a document owner or editor of a document in the document workflow.

The KCS II capabilities apply to the knowledge document categories associated with the KCS II profile and knowledge group in which the user is a member. The three-way profile-to-group-to-category mapping is defined under the Permissions tab of the Category Details form.

Similar to the KCS I profile, the Knowledge Management administrator creates a KCS II knowledge group and then associates the knowledge group with a KCS II profile and document category. The users in the knowledge group can contribute, review, and edit documents to that category and to the sub-categories below that category. With a KCS II profile, you can also publish documents for internal access for that category and the sub-categories below that category.

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