Knowledge Administrator role

Knowledge Administrator is a security role specified in a user's operator record and allows a user to perform all the administrative tasks associated with maintaining the Knowledge Management system. A Knowledge Administrator can perform the following tasks:

  • Manage profiles and environment variables
  • Manage document categories and permissions on the categories
  • Manage document types and views
  • Manage shared content for the knowledge documents
  • Maintain the knowledgebases
  • Configure and customize the layout of search results

The Knowledge Administrator security role is assigned to a user in the operator record. Users in this role can maintain knowledge groups and Knowledge Management profiles, and update Knowledge Management profiles as user duties change.

As part of the integration of Knowledge Management with Incident Management, Service Desk Interactions, and Problem Management, the Knowledge Administrator can modify the default field mappings. These mappings can change which fields are searched, from which fields data is retrieved, and which fields can be used by users when creating knowledge from solutions and workarounds. The out-of-box tables for these field mappings are incidents, kmdocument, knownerror, rootcause, and probsummary.

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