Web parameter: compactLayout

Web parameters change the behavior of the web clients that connect to the web tier. For more information, see Web tier parameters.




This parameter enables the compact layout of the web client.

Service Manager 9.34 introduced the new user interface (UI) style, in which the size of some UI elements is bigger than those of prior versions of Service Manager (for example, the height of the text widget, and the vertical space between two adjacent widgets). The out-of-box forms have been adjusted to match the new size. However, there is a possibility that the new size may cause some display issues in your tailored forms. For example, you may experience truncated text or overlapping UI elements.

You can use the compact layout of the web client to fix these display issues. When you enable the compact layout, the web client uses the same sizes as that of Service Manager 9.33, so the display issues caused by new sizes will disappear.

Note We recommend that you use the compact layout of the web client in the following scenarios:

  • Your forms have display issues caused by new sizes.
  • You cannot easily change the impacted forms to solve the display issues.

Valid if set from

Web tier configuration file (web.xml and webtier.properties)

Requires restart of the web applications server?


Default value


Possible values

true (Enabled)

false (Disabled)

Example usage


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