Web parameter: tracesoap

Web parameters change the behavior of the web clients that connect to the web tier. For more information, see Web tier parameters.




This parameter defines whether to log SOAP traffic in the web tier. If you add the tracesoap=true parameter to the web browser URL when you log in, all request/response SOAP messages during the current session are logged until you log out or the session expires.

The SOAP information is logged in the web tier. By default, it is logged in the sm.log file located in the current working directory of the application server process. For example, C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\sm.log if the Tomcat is run as a service. The SOAP message logging is defined in WEB-INF/log4j.properties as follows:

log4j.logger.TraceSoap=DEBUG, R

Note By default, the logging level is “DEBUG”. It is recommended that you NOT change this setting. The root logger level setting in log4j.properties has no effect on the SOAP logging level. For example, no matter whether the root logger level is info, warn, or error, Service Manager always logs SOAP messages in the web tier.

SOAP messages are logged with a "DEBUG" prefix, as in the following examples:

DEBUG http-8080-4 TraceSoap - request:
DEBUG http-8080-4 TraceSoap - response:

Valid if set from

Web browser URL

Web tier configuration file (web.xml or webtier.properties)

Note When this parameter is defined using all of the three methods, the one set from web browser URL takes the highest precedence. However, if set from web browser, this parameter is valid only when set at login, and once set at login it remains valid until you log out or the session times out.

Requires restart of the web applications server?

No if set from the login URL

Yes if set from the web tier configuration file

Default value


Possible values

true or false

Example usage


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