Web parameter: log.properties

Web parameters change the behavior of the web clients that connect to the web tier. For more information, see Web tier parameters.




This parameter defines the path to the web tier's logging properties file, which is a standard log4j logging properties file. You can use the logging properties file to define the default logging level, the logging level for specific web tier components, the path to the log file, and to specify what output formats and actions logging should take (such as, send an e-mail over SMTP, send the log file over FTP, or print the log file to the event viewer). See the log4j web site for more information on configuring this file.

Valid if set from

Web tier configuration file (web.xml)

Important: Unlike other Web Tier parameters, this parameter is an env-entry in the web.xml file. Certain application servers allow you to modify the values of environmental entries at deployment time. See your application server documentation for more information.

Requires restart of the web applications server?


Default value


Possible values

Absolute path to logging properties file

Relative path to logging properties file

URL to logging properties file

Example usage

  <description>Log4j configuration properties file location</description>

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