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Additional branding implementation options

Service Manager provides additional branding implementation options to change the name on the splash screen to reflect your organization’s name, and to replace the images, including all the icons.

  • Change the applications name

    To change the splash screen, follow these steps:

    1. Stop your web application server.

    2. Navigate to the following directory:

      <SM web tier.war file>\WEB-INF\classes\com\hp\ov\cwc\web

    3. Open the app_labels_<language version>.properties file in a text editor, for example, open the file.
    4. Modify the App.Name and App.Title field values according to your organization’s needs. The default value of these two fields is Micro Focus Service Manager.
    5. Save the properties file.

    6. Restart your web application server.

    7. Launch the web client in your browser.

    Your organization’s name is now displayed on the login page and in the browser tab title.

  • Tailor the web client images

    You can change the appearance of images in the web client by placing a new image of the same name in the<customize-folder>/images folder. Any images you place here override the existing out-of-box images. Using this images folder enables you to preserve the existing Micro Focus-provided images, and ensures that any future upgrade process does not overwrite your tailoring changes. You can delete your specified images folder at any time to restore the original Micro Focus images.

    Each of your custom images must be in the .png, .gif, or .jpg format, and have the same name (but not necessarily the same format) as the out-of-box one. Service Manager looks for a custom image by name and then by format in the following order: .png, .gif, and then .jpg. For example, if the out-of-box image is back.gif, and your customization images folder contains back.png and back.gif, Service Manager uses back.png.

    To change the images, follow these steps:

    1. Stop your web application server.

    2. Create an images subfolder in the customize-folder you specified. For example: C:/customize/images.
    3. Browse to the images folder of your web tier to find the context path of the image you want to replace. For example, you want to replace the refresh icon on the toolbar, the path of this icon is <SM web tier.war file>\images\toolbar\trefresh.png.
    4. Add the new image you under the same web tier context path in your images folder. For example, you add a new image as <customize-folder>\images\toolbar\trefresh.png to replace the icon image mentioned in the previous step.

    5. Restart your web application server.

    6. Clear your browser's cache.

      To clear the browser's cache, for example, for Internet Explorer 10, follow these steps:

      1. Go to Tools > Internet Options from the menu bar at the top of your browser's screen.

      2. On the General tab, click Delete in the Browsing history field .

      3. Check all the items.

      4. Click Delete to delete the browsing history.

    Now you can log in to the web client to verify the new images.

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