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Specify the location for the branding files

The branding feature is enabled only when you specify a location to store your branding files. If you do not do so, when you click Tailoring > Branding, an error message is displayed, which indicates that the branding feature is not enabled.

To specify the location for the branding files, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the web application server.

  2. Specify the folder location in Web parameter: customize-folder.

    For example:


    Tip To apply the branding settings from one web tier to another, copy the "customize" folder you created from the source web tier to the target web tier.

  3. On the web tier host, create a folder (for example, C:\customize) . This folder is the root folder to store your branding image files, including your custom image files to replace the original ones and your branding settings in the branding menu. In this folder, Service Manager saves your color and font settings in a branding.xml file and custom images in a subfolder named branding-images.

    Note You must have write access to this folder.

  4. Restart the web application server.

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