Step 4: Load the applications upgrade file

Important There is a known issue with this release of the Upgrade Utility (see Known issues). We recommend using SM9.60 Upgrade Patch 1 instead.

You must load the preupg.bin file into Service Manager before you can use the Upgrade Utility.

Note If you are performing a custom upgrade on a test or production system, use the preupg.bin file included in your custom upgrade instead.

To load the applications upgrade file, follow these steps:

  1. On the Service Manager server, create a folder (referred to as the Upgrade folder later in this document).

    Note Make sure that the Service Manager server process (sm) has write and execute privileges for this folder.

    If you are connecting to the Service Manager server from a client that is installed on a remote client computer, make sure that the folder is created on the Service Manager server instead of the client computer.

  2. Extract the Service Manager applications Upgrade Utility files to the Upgrade folder. Make sure the extraction does not miss any Upgrade Utility files. Otherwise, the upgrade process will fail.
  3. Log in to the Service Manager Windows client as a system administrator.

    Note Select English as the language when logging into the system for an upgrade.

  4. Backup the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION menu record.

  5. Load the preupg.bin file using Service Manager Database Manager.
  6. Log out of Service Manager and then log on again.