Resolve Process Designer related data

To resolve the Process Designer related data, follow these steps:

  1. From the System Navigator, click System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Upgrade Utility > View/Merge Results.
  2. If you are upgrading from SM9.3x with PDCP3 installed or non-PD environment or SM9.4x Classic, you can see a wizard page. Select View Upgrade Results and Merge Conflicts, and then click Next.

    Note This screen appears only after Process Designer Hybrid migration.

  3. Click the Expert Search button from the More Actions menu, type version.reconciled#"PD Enable" in the Query field, and then click Search.
  4. In the search result, resolve the data by following the actions described in the table below.

    Reconciled Version Result Action
    PD Enable: Updated Renamed Merge the newer object from the Upgrade Utility to the object.
    PD Enable: Replaced Renamed Overwrite your systems old object with the newer version from the Upgrade Utility.
    PD Enable: Need to be removed Any Remove the objects manually.