Using the Auto Merge and Revert options

During upgrade processing, the Upgrade Utility attempts to merge your objects with the corresponding objects provided with the upgrade. You can search for records with a result type of "Auto Merged" in the Upgrade Results list to review these objects.

Note An auto-merged object needs to be thoroughly tested for syntax and functional integrity.

If you encounter issues with objects that have been auto-merged or reconciled, you can click the Revert button on the toolbar to restore "Auto Merged" or "Renamed" objects, or "Replaced" Applications Cluster objects to their previous states. Use Revert to restore one object and Mass Revert to restore multiple objects. After restoring an object, you can also re-attempt to auto-merge that object using the Auto Merge or Mass Auto Merge option from the More Actions menu.

Note If you do not choose to use the auto-merge option, you must manually unzip the OOB data to the same folder in which you extracted the Merge Tool. If you do choose the auto-merge option, the OOB data is extracted automatically by the Merge Tool.