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Approval delegation

Approval delegation is an optional feature that enables users with approval rights to temporarily delegate their approval authority to another qualified operator. Operators with the Delegate Approvals or Can Delegate Approvals option enabled in their application profiles can delegate some or all of their approvals by using the Approval Delegation wizard.

Using the Approval Delegation wizard, an operator can grant another qualified operator the right to temporarily view and act on items in his or her approval queue. The wizard offers the following delegation options:

  • Delegate all approvals to another qualified operator
  • Delegate approvals from a particular application to another qualified operator

    • Delegate approvals directly assigned to you as an operator
    • Delegate approvals assigned to you as a member of an approval group
  • Delegate approvals from a specified start date to a specified end date

The Approval Delegation wizard enables an operator to create any number of approval delegation combinations, including delegating the same approvals to multiple operators at the same time. Delegators can also update an existing approval delegation to change the delegation start and end dates, as well as change the delegate's name.

Note HPE Service Manager tracks all changes to approval delegations using the standard field auditing capability.

When delegates log on to Service Manager, they see both their own and any delegated approvals in their approval list. For security reasons, delegates always retain their original application profiles and operator records. Service Manager determines what temporary rights delegates have when they view or act on an approval.