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Incident Exchange (OMi - SM) integration

The Incident Exchange (OMi - SM) integration is a bidirectional integration between incident records in HPE Service Manager and events in Operations Manager i (OMi).

This integration requires configurations on both product sides. For details, see Incident Exchange (OMi - SM) integration setup.

Note As of version 9.34, Service Manager can integrate with multiple OMi servers. For details, see Add an integration instance for each OMi server.

Service Manager can accept RESTful-based requests from OMi to create incidents in Service Manager, based on events information in OMi. When Service Manager accepts an incident creation request from a remote OMi server, it creates an incident record and automatically assigns it to an existing group based on certain field values. Incident Management users can view the details of the related OMi event by clicking the View OMi Event menu option from the incident record. See Drill down to the OMi event details from an incident.

When an Incident Management user makes any changes to the incident record, Service Manager automatically synchronizes the changes to the corresponding event in OMi, by sending an update request to the OMi RESTful web service interface. In the event of a synchronization failure, a queuing mechanism will re-synchronize the changes. See Synchronization of incident changes back to Operations Manager i (OMi).

System administrators can configure global settings that determine whether and when incident records opened from OMi events can be automatically closed. However, Incident Management users can mark individual OMi incident records as eligible or ineligible for automatic closure. See Configure automatic closure for OMi incidents and Mark an incident for automatic closure.