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Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a knowledge management strategy for service and support organizations. It defines a set of principles and practices that enable organizations to improve service levels for customers, gain operational efficiencies, as well as increase the organization's value to their company.

KCS practices involve collaborating, sharing, using and improving knowledge. KCS practices encourage knowledge creation and improvement by all members of the support team and promote effective knowledge searches by maintaining up-to-date knowledgebases. The out-of-box Knowledge Management system enables all internal and external users to provide user feedback on the knowledge documents. This helps to identify useful articles and to mark other articles for revision, which contributes to the overall quality and value of the information in the knowledgebase.

The goal of KCS is to solve a problem once and use the solution often. KCS-based systems take advantage of the knowledge available in all phases of the service desk operations by making the knowledge captured by the customer support process available for reuse throughout the support organization.