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Contribute and approve knowledge document (ST 7.1)

The Contribute and Approve Knowledge Document process starts with the submission of a KM document. You can contribute a knowledge document by authoring knowledge articles or using external documents that are uploaded into a knowledge base. You can use the rich-text editor to author documents, and you can add documents as attachments that can include images, text files, Word files, or PDFs.

  • The process begins when a contributor creates a new submission or revising an existing knowledge document. The contributor selects a documentation type, enters basic details, selects a category type, and submits the draft for review by a Knowledge Analyst.
  • The analyst can edit, accept, or reject the document. If necessary, the document can be passed to a Knowledge Expert, who can also edit, accept, or reject it. The Knowledge Expert is typically a subject-matter expert with more in-depth understanding of a given topic and the ability to determine the accuracy and currency of the KM document.
  • The Knowledge Manager makes the final decision about whether to accept the document or return it for further revision. If the document meets all KM publication criteria, the Knowledge Manager accepts and publishes the document.