Parameter: localizedecimalpoint

Startup parameters change the behavior of the HPE Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter enables users to use a pre-configured decimal symbol (for example, the comma) when completing numeric fields. By default, this parameter is disabled (set to "0"), and users can only enter a period as a decimal symbol. However, in Europe a comma is normally used. When this parameter is enabled, users can enter numeric values using the Decimal Symbol (either a period or comma) defined for one of the following currencies, listed from the highest to lowest priority:

  • The currency defined in the Display Currency field in the user's operator record
  • The currency defined in the Basis Currency field on the General tab of the System Information Record
  • The US Dollar currency

Tip To view the Decimal Symbol setting for a specific currency, click System Administration > Base System Configuration > Currencies, and then click Search.

  • Whether this parameter is enabled or disabled, when a user views a cost value, Service Manager automatically converts the value according to the above currency settings. For example, when an operator whose currency is British Pounds is ordering an item from the Service Catalog, Service Manager displays the item's cost in British Pounds (for example, £ 50,00). However, there are exceptions (for example, the Total Cost value of an Order in Request Management always display in US Dollars.)

  • When creating an unload file in .txt format, Service Manager always uses a period as the decimal symbol even if the original decimal symbol is a comma, and it can successfully process the unload when loading it back. If you need to edit the unload file before loading it back, always use a period as the decimal symbol; otherwise errors will occur when the unload is loaded back.

  • When using the Export to Excel feature, each decimal symbol (for example, a comma) will be exported as is. For this reason, be sure not to select a comma as the delimiter when exporting data.

Caution When the Service Manager server is running on a Linux host, set the locale to en_US.utf8. If you use other locale settings such as de_DE.utf8 or fr_FR.utf8, it is not possible to assign a number with decimal places to a variable in RAD expressions or JavaScript. If you try to assign something like "$number=1.456" in RAD Debugger, the result is 1.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Initialization file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


Default value

0 (Disabled)

Possible values

0: Disabled

1: Enabled