System information record

The system information record contains common information that all HPE Service Manager applications can use.

From the company record administrators can do the following.

Note The information listed below is presented in the same order within the tabs displayed in this form.

  • Add company contact information
  • Select Service Manager portal
  • Add URL information for Service Manager clients such as web tier and self-service
  • Set general login restrictions
  • Set user lockout conditions
  • Define the operator template to be applied to LDAP users
  • Set user account expiration conditions
  • Define default menu information
  • Set password reset restrictions
  • Enable password history
  • Set password format restrictions
  • Set password lifetime conditions
  • Set the time zone the system uses
  • Set the date format the system uses
  • Enable legacy print routines
  • Define the months of the year and the abbreviations the system uses
  • Enable or select miscellaneous settings

    • Set the default language the system uses
    • Set the default currency the system uses
    • Set the maximum size for a file attachment
    • Set the maximum number of inbox views that a user can create
    • Set the maximum memory all file attachments can use
    • Enable case sensitivity
    • View the system start time
    • Enable message queues
    • Enable auditing in the system log
    • Enable multi-company mode
    • Enable learning for HPE Service Manager Knowledge Bases
    • Enable editing of the learning record
    • Enable universal search
    • Disable the pop-up window to reload records
    • Enable Calendar and Time Period Management
    • Enable Enhanced Query Hash
  • List message processors the system uses