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Service Manager white papers

The following table provides links to some important Service Manager white papers:

Document Description Available Formats Locations
Service Manager Logical Name Solution This document provides an overview of the logical name solution that is introduced in Service Manager 9.41, as well as guidelines on how to upgrade customer environments to align with the solution. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
Service Manager Diagnostics and Tuning Guide The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness of those factors that can cause performance concerns if they have not been considered during the design and implementation phases of a project. Moreover, the goal of this document is to outline best practices to ensure the smooth operation of your system and to set the stage for a stable, scalable, and efficient system. Finally, this guide discusses both diagnostic tools and best practices to ensure that the tailored system performs properly. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
How Service Manager Licensing Works This document clarifies the licensing options and definitions, defines what is obligatory from the software control point and what is controlled by contractual obligation. In addition, it describes the method by which a read-only access Change Management user may be defined so that a user license is not consumed. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
Integrating Service Manager with Directory Services Using LDAP The document is also referred to as the LDAP Best Practices Guide. It provides best practices for integrating Directory Services with Service Manager using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
Setting up Single Sign-on in Service Manager This document is intended to help customers, consultants, and partners implement Service Manager single sign-on functionality. It provides the steps that are required to set up a basic single sign-on implementation. Custom environments with extensive tailoring may require more detail than what is provided in this document. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
HPE Service Manager Security Guide This guide is intended for Service Manager implementers and system administrators who need to implement their Service Manager environment in a secure manner. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site
Enabling SQL Server AlwaysOn for Service Manager This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable SQL Server AlwaysOn for Service Manager. PDF HPE Software Support Online (SSO) site