Introduction to this guide

This document describes how to configure and deploy the integration components

  • HPE Service Manager (SM)
  • HPE Quality Center (QC)
  • HPE Quality Center Synchronizer (QCS)

Note As of version 11.00, HPE Quality Center is known as HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); as of version 1.40, HPE Quality Center Synchronizer (QCS) is known as HPE ALM Synchronizer.

This document also describes how to configure and test synchronization links between QC/ALM and SM.

Note This document contains numerous examples that use the SM and QC/ALM default installation configuration and databases. Your particular configuration may differ significantly. The example synchronization configuration may also differ significantly from your requirements.

The target readers include HPE Consultants and/or Application Administrators who must set up and maintain QC/ALM Synchronizer, ensuring that the synchronizer meets all user organization procedural requirements. This document assumes that the reader is an experienced user of either Service Manager or QC/ALM (but not necessarily of both), and therefore describes only the basics of both SM and QC/ALM.


  • HPE Quality Center Synchronizer User’s Guide / HPE ALM Synchronizer User’s Guide
  • HPE Quality Center Administrator's Guide / HPE ALM Administrator's Guide
  • HPE Service Manager Installation Guide
  • HPE Service Manager Help Center