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Service Manager Survey

The Service Manager Survey (SM Survey) feature is based on the HTML Email solution (JavaMail) and does not require an external survey tool to complete the survey process. You can manually send individual surveys directly form a record to selected users, or configure the system to automatically send scheduled surveys or rule-based surveys to specified users through an out-of box SM Survey connector (that is, the "internal connector"):

  • Manual surveys: are individual surveys that users manually send from a record by using the More > Send Survey option.
  • Scheduled surveys: are surveys that the system automatically sends to specified recipients based on predefined scheduling rules.
  • Rule-based surveys: are surveys that a rule set in a Process Designer workflow automatically triggers and sends to specified users.

Note SM Survey does not support Multiple Company mode. Sending surveys based on each company’s records (Incident, Interaction, and so on) is supported; however, designing company specific survey questionnaires is not supported.

Supported user portals

SM Survey supports three SM user portals: Employee Self-Service (ESS), Service Request Catalog (SRC), and Service Manager Service Portal.

Survey process

When ESS, SRC, or Service Manager Service Portal users receive a survey link from an email, they can directly open the link in a web browser and then log in to the portal to complete the survey. They can also check the surveys opened for them or closed by them in the portal.

Once the surveys are completed and submitted, the survey senders can check the survey results from the TO-DO queue or from survey reports on the Survey dashboard.

Support of multiple survey templates

SM Survey sends a survey based on a predefined survey template. You can easily create multiple survey templates and apply them to different surveys to suit your various business needs.

SM Survey provides an out-of-box survey template named DEFAULT, which is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Collect user satisfaction ratings on the following areas: the level of service provided, the speed of response that the user received, and the level of communication rating from 1 to 5 regarding the service.
  • Collect additional comments from the user (if any)
  • Allow the user to select if a complaint or compliment needs to be registered. If the user selects to do so, the system automatically generates an interaction record of a Complaint or Compliment category with the information the user provided, and sends an email to the user with information about the interaction record. The user can click the record link to check the record details and status.

Survey reports

In addition to individual survey results, administrators can also check the statistics reports that the system automatically generates based on the existing survey results. All this can help your organization to improve your services and user satisfaction. For more information, see View SM survey reports.

Note To view survey reports, users must have the View permission for the Report area.

Hot Topic Analytics

If your system has Smart Analytics enabled, Hot Topic Analytics is enabled for SM Survey. For more information, see Use Hot Topic Analytics with SM Survey.

Note To use Hot Topic Analytics for SM Survey, users must have the idol.assistant capability word defined in their operator record.