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Configure the Request Fulfillment environment

Security Roles: System Administrator

To configure Request Fulfillment environment settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click Request Fulfillment > Administration > Environment in the System Navigator.
  2. Configure the following environment settings as needed.



    Delay Assigning Request Number? Defines whether or not the system delays assigning the request number until you save the record.
    Skip Inefficient Query Warning? Normally, it is desirable to warn an operator when they have entered an inefficient (partially or non-keyed) query. If you want to bypass the warning, select this check box.
    Use Operator Full Name?

    Defines whether or not the operator full name is used when time stamping reports (on open, update, and so on) for records in the application environment.

    Request Number Controls Defines the format of request number. See Number controls.
    Request Task Number Controls Defines the format of the request task number. See Number controls.
    Unique Number Length

    Defines the length of the unique number.

    Note This setting only takes effect on the Parent No/Unique No  (PPPNNN) option in Request Task Number Controls.

    Separator Defines the separator that is used in Request Number Controls and Request Task Number Controls.
  3. Click Save.

Number controls

Number controls determine how your requests or request tasks will be numbered.

Option Description
Yr/Unique No
The current year (system-calculated), followed by a unique sequential number.
Yr-Mo/Unique No
The current year and current month (system-calculated), followed by a unique sequential number.
Julian/Unique No (YYDDDNNN) The current Julian date (system-calculated), followed by a unique sequential number.
Unique Number Only A unique number without prefixes or suffixes.

Parent No/Unique No  (PPPNNN) The parent request number, followed by a unique sequential number determined. This option is only available for request task number control.

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