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Configure the Request Fulfillment settings

Security Roles: System Administrator

To configure Request Fulfillment settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click Request Fulfillment > Administration > Settings in the System Navigator.
  2. Configure the following settings as needed.



    Audit Records

    The changes of field values in requests or request tasks can be monitored by the audit application.

    You can use this setting to enable or disable the audit application for requests and request tasks.

    Select on Open

    You can choose to open a new off-catalog request either based on category or based on request model.

    Default: Request Model

    Group Request Model By

    To configure the request model hierarchy, type up to four column names to group the request models in the Group Request Model By text box. For example, to group request models by category and template, type category, request.template.


    • The request model hierarchy configuration takes effect only when Request Model is under Select on Open.
    • Use the column names specified in the requestModel table.
    • You can configure at most four levels in the request model hierarchy by specifying the column names in a comma separate list.
  3. Click Save.

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