Apply Service Manager Server patches

Updating the Service Manager server by a patch or hotfix is the replacement of executable files in the Service Manager Server's RUN directory on each host. The files replaced include among others the sm executable, and the contents of the RUN/lib directory.

The java archive files (*.jar) contained in the RUN/lib directory are Micro Focus or third party files with a version number in the file name. For this reason, only copying the patch into an existing RUN/lib directory is not replacing all existing files when the version has been updated, and the file with the older number has to be removed manually. A good practice therefore is to rename the RUN/lib directory before patch application.

When a parameter in sm.ini refers to a java archive file in the RUN/lib directory, the parameter needs to be updated when the version of this file changes. An example is the Service Manager mbeanclient JAR file, which is required when Service Manager is running with a hardware load balancer:


Note Always follow the installation advice provided with the patch.

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