Create a view

Applies to User roles:

System Administrator

You can create a view for one or more users to customize the default log-on view. For example, if a group of users regularly searches on the same query, you can provide them with a shared query view as their default whenever they log on to Service Manager.

This topic assumes that you are familiar with Service Manager table and field names.

To create a view, follow these steps:

  1. Click System Administration > Base System Configuration  > Miscellaneous > Views/Favorites.
  2. Click New.

    The New View wizard opens.

  3. Select the Area to create the view in and then click Next.
  4. Specify the name and type for the view you wish to create, and whether it is a system view or personal view.
  5. Select who the view will be available to, and then click Next:

    • Everyone
    • Selected Groups
    • Selected Roles
  6. Select the fields you want in your view:

    1. Click Fields.
    2. To add fields, select items from the table menu and click Add to List.

      Note If you select a field that has a link to another table, select from the secondary menu to add fields you want in the view.

  7. Select view properties for Group By, Sort By, Filter, and Autoformat as desired.
  8. Click Finish.

    After the system adds the view, you can provide additional information for the view definition

  9. In the Audience tab, select an audience for the view and then click Save.
  10. You can also update or add additional properties for the view with the View definitions, Query definitions, and Ownership tabs.

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