Error Messages

To support the new cross table join mechanism, the following error messages have been implemented:

Unable to locate field %s in any file
The %S function is not supported in cross table queries.
Queries on Blob/Clob/Text/Image field %S is not supported in cross table query.
Cannot locate field %s in join condition \"%.*s\"
The join condition \"%.*s\" cannot be converted into an SQL expression. One or more fields might be a Blob/Clob/Text/Image field.
The file alias \"%.*s\" is specified in the "order by" clause, but the definition cannot be found.
The field \"%.*s\" in the "order by" clause cannot be found.
Cannot locate field %s.
Cannot sort or group on array field %s.
Joining tables of derived file type like JOIN_FILE or MERGED_FILE is not supported.
Joining tables from different RDBMS is not supported.
Cannot locate field %s in SELECT list.