The prerequisites are:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP 12 (or higher) or SAP Solution Manager 7.1
  • SAP Solution Manager SP12 if copying of business transaction SLFN for customization in a customer name space (for example ZLFN) is required
  • SAP Solution Manager SP12. Required to copy a business transaction into a customer name space for customization (for example, to copy business transaction SLFN into customer name space ZLFN)
  • Configured SAP Solution Manager Service Desk

Configured SAP Solution Manager Service Desk SSL encryption between SAP Solution Manager and Apache Tomcat requires:

  • Sapcryptolib 5.5.5C or higher
  • SSL Server and SSL Client PSE
  • SSL Server and SSL Client certificates trusted against a CA

Integration with Service Manager requires implementation of the latest SAP notes (SAP application area SV-SMG-SUP-IFA) for the SP level stack of SAP Solution Manager. The following diagram shows the search results of SAP notes in the SAP Support Portal.