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Purpose of Document

This section describes the installation, configuration, administration and maintenance of Incident Exchange and the Incident Exchange web service. Information in this section is intended only for use by software consultants and application administrators that install and maintain Incident Exchange. We strongly recommend you to read this section carefully before installation and follow the instructions herein because SMSSMEX 1.30 significantly differs from the previous releases.


Existing Fragmented Incident Management Workflow

Deployment Scenarios

Installing and Configuring SMSSMEX

Installing SMSSMEX



Uninstall SMSSMEX

SMSSMEX Installed Files

Configuring Tomcat

Setting up Database




Configuring File

External Helpdesks

Configuring FieldMapping.xml

Verifying Configuration

Deploying on WebLogic

Starting/Stopping SMSSMEX (Tomcat only)

Upgrading to SMSSMEX V1.20

Customizing Service Manager

Configuring the denyattachwithoutext parameter

Importing Customizations Using Unload

Enabling the Integration

Creating a Service Manager User for Web Service

Configuring Incident Form (Classic/Hybrid Only)

Configuring Incident Form (Codeless Only)

Configuring WSDL Mapping

Adding Instance in SMIS and Configuring Parameters

Configuring SAP Solution Manager


Configuring SAP Solution Manager External Service Desk Interface

Release Web Service

Assign Roles to the Communication User

Create HTTP Connection

Create a Logical Port

Configure Interface to SAP Solution Manager Service Desk

Define Value Mapping for the Service Desk Interface

Define Extended Interface Mapping for Service Desk

Get SAP Solution Manager Service Port

Solution Manager Tracing

Enable tracing

Download Trace File

Configuring Security

Security between SAP Solution Manager and Tomcat

Configure SAP Solution Manager for SSL

Set up SSL between SAP and SMSSMEX

Security Between Service Manager and SMSSMEX

Configure Service Manager for SSL

Configure SMSSMEX for SSL Communication with Service Manager


Status Page


checker.bat and encryptPasswords.bat Fail

Incident not Sent to SAP AGS


Record in EventIn is not Executed

Incident Update or Process Action Fails

Information is not Updated in SAP Solution Manager

Incident Exchange Details

Database Tables


Field Mapping Configuration

Types of Mapping

Structure of FieldMapping XML file

Composite Field Mapping

Field Value Mapping

Field Mapping Schema

Default Field Mapping File and Customization

Person Synchronization Details


Installing and Configuring SAPCRYPLIB


Deploying Button Icons

SAP System Landscape Directory Registration