Create incident in Solution Manager

  1. Log on to Solution Manager.
  2. Click Work Center > SAP Solution Manager: Work Center (SAP GUI) to open Solution Manager Work Center.

  3. Click Common Tasks > IT Service Management. The SAP Solution Manager IT Service Management page opens in Explorer.

  4. Click Create > Incident. The Incident: New page opens.

  5. Fill in the required fields for the new incident as necessary:

    • Type a Description and a Reporter for the incident.
    • Select a Priority in the drop-down list.
    • Click Fill to select the Installed Base Component. This field describes the client information of Solution Manager, such as SystemID, Installation Number and Client.
    • Complete the form with any other relevant information.

  6. Click Schedule new Action in Schedule Actions drop-down section and select Send to External Service Desk from the list in the new window opened.

  7. As shown in the following screenshot, the new action is waiting to be executed in the action list.

  8. Click Save to send the incident to Service Manager.

  9. Click Display to switch the incident to view mode.