Open the incident in Solution Manager

  1. Log on to Solution Manager.
  2. Click Work Center > SAP Solution Manager: Work Center (SAP GUI) to open Solution Manager Work Center.

  3. Click Common Tasks > IT Service Management. The SAP Solution Manager IT Service Management page opens in Explorer.

  4. Click Search > Incidents to open the search window.

  5. Type the incident ID in Search Criteria and then click Search. The incident is displayed in the Result List.

  6. Click the incident ID link to open the incident.

  7. Fill the required fields (Reporter) and change the Status to In Process.

  8. Click Add Text in Text drop-down section to add description for the incident.

  9. Click Save. The incident information synchronizes with Service Manager automatically.

    Note Solution Manager autosaves the text field periodically. The auto-saved text field is not synchronized with Service Manager.

  10. Click Display to switch the incident to view mode.