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Update a report in a dashboard

Service Manager provides the UI elements on a single report that enables you to easily update the report in this dashboard. The following table describes the UI elements in the report.

UI Element Description
Collapses the report. This UI element is displayed when a report is expanded.
Expands the report. This UI element is displayed when a report is collapsed.

Shows the chart switch options. It displays only the options available for the current report data type. You can switch and save the chart types by directly clicking the icons without opening the report definition page.

Exports the report as PDF or Excel files. A dialogue box pops up and you can change the name or type of the exported file and select the orientation as portrait or landscape. You can export all types of reports as PDF files, and only three types of reports, including Pivot table, title list, and standard list, as Excel files.
Opens the report definition page, which enables you to modify the report properties.
Refreshes the report.
Removes this report from the dashboard.

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