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View system level user lockout history

If a system administrator has enabled the Use User Lockout feature in the System Information Record, a user may be locked out for several reasons. For example, the user has attempted to log in with an invalid password more than the number of times defined by the system administrator or the user is locked out by the system administrator. For more information, see Enable the user lockout feature.

A specific user's lockout status in displayed in the Security tab of the user's operator record. When a user is locked out, the User has been locked out option is selected and the Lockout Reason field displays the reason (for example, Max Failed Logins). For more information, see View a user’s lockout history.

At the system level, the lockout history of all users is stored in the operatorlockhistory table in the database. To view system level user lockout history, use either of the following ways:

  • Open Database Manager, enter operatorlockhistory in the Table field and then click the Search button.
  • Navigate to Miscellaneous > Dashboard and then open the License Overview dashboard. If the "Operator Lockout History within 7 days" report is not displayed on the dashboard, click Add Content and then click License to add this report to the dashboard. This report uses the operatorlockhistory table as the data source.

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