Add a content server for Smart Search

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As an initial setting, Micro Focus deployed one content server at main level, and two content servers at Smart Search level. If the default or existing smart search content servers are not enough for the indexed data, you may need to add additional content server(s).

To add a content server for Smart Search, follow these steps:

  1. Install a content server by using Smart Analytics installer. For details about installing a content server, see Install Smart Analytics on Windows or Install Smart Analytics on Linux.

    Note Make sure the content server configured the Service Manager server and Smart Search proxy server as its client. These configuration are set in content’s configuration file.

    Make sure Smart Search proxy also configured the new content server as its client (in the level2proxy\IDOLServer.cfg file). Service Manager Server uses load balance, therefore, all slave Service Manager addresses should be specified in these configuration files and corresponding sections.

    The following are configuration items about clients:


    ServiceStatusClients=, SmarSearchProxyAddress, SMServerAddress,SmartAnalytivsServerAddress.*

    ServiceControlClients=, SmarSearchProxyAddress, SMServerAddress,SmartAnalytivsServerAddress.*





  2. Make sure the Smart Search proxy server has configured the new content servers as its clients. You need to configure the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the new content serverin the level2proxy\IDOLServer.cfg file for the following items.

    • ServiceStatusClients
    • ServiceControlClients
    • QueryClients
    • AdminClients
    • IndexClients

    You may need to restart the Smart Search proxy server after you update the configuration file.

  3. After you start a new content server, go to the Smart Analytics Assistant page to add it to the Smart Search Content by clicking the Add link in the Smart Search Content section. For details about using Smart Analytics Assistant, see Use Smart Analytics Assistant.
  4. Repeat the above steps if you want to add more content servers.
  5. Click the Redistribute link to balance data distribution. This step is mandatory to mark the new content server active.

    Note We recommend that you back up your existing content servers before you run the Redistribute action. It may take a long time to redistribute your data among all Smart Search content servers.