HTML Editor controls

The HTML Editor has the following formatting controls. Their availability depends on the Keyboard property selected in the HTML Editor control on the form you are using.

Icon Name Function
Source icon Source Toggles between source mode and wysiwyg mode for editing.
Preview icon Preview Opens the text in a browser for web preview.
Cut icon Spell checking Checks the spelling of the entered text.
Cut icon Cut Cuts the selected content.
Copy icon Copy Copies the selected content.
Paste icon Paste

Pastes the copied or cut content.

Note If you click the Paste icon from the Service Manager web tier, a warning message might be displayed, saying that "Your browser does not allow you to paste this way. Press Ctrl+V to paste". It is a by-design issue of CKEditor as of version 4.7.0. The exception happens only when both of the following conditions are met:

  • You access the Service Manager web tier from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • The content you are pasting contains text only.
Revert icon Undo Revert to last saved record.
Redo icon Redo Redoes the reverted action.
Find icon Find Finds the specified text.
Replace icon Replace Replaces found text with the specified text.
Select All icon Select All Selects entire document.
Remove Formatting icon Remove Format Removes formatting from the selected text.
Bold icon Bold Makes the selected text bold.
Italic icon Italic Makes the selected text italic.
Underline icon Underline Underlines the selected text.
Strikethrough icon Strikethrough Strikes through the selected text.
Text color icon Text color Makes the selected text the specified color.
Background Color icon Background Color Sets the background of the selected text to the specified color.
Numbering icon Numbering Makes the selected paragraphs into a numbered list.
Bullets icon Bullets Makes the selected paragraphs into a bulleted list.
Decrease Indent icon Decrease Indent Decreases the indent of the selected paragraph.
Increase Indent icon Increase Indent Increases the indent of the selected paragraph.
Insert/Edit link icon Insert/Edit link Inserts a hyperlink at the cursor location or edits the selected hyperlink. A user can jump to the associated anchor by clicking this hyperlink.
Remove link icon Remove link Removes the selected hyperlink.
Anchor icon Anchor

Inserts a text anchor at the cursor location. A user can jump to this anchor by clicking the associated hyperlink.

Note If you select text and then click the Anchor button, the anchor you create will replace the selected text.
Anchors display as broken image icons in the HTML Editor. These icons are not visible in the HTML Viewer.
The broken image icon is a place holder that marks the image location. Right-click the broken image icon to delete the anchor or to edit its properties.

Insert image icon Insert image Inserts an image at the cursor location. Forms Designer stores the images in the SYSATTACHMENTS table.
Insert attachment icon Insert attachment Inserts a link to an attachment at the cursor location. Forms Designer stores the attachments in the SYSATTACHMENTS table.
Insert record icon Insert record Inserts a link to a record at the cursor location.
Align Left icon Align Left Left-aligns the selected paragraphs.
Center icon Center Center the selected paragraphs.
Align Right icon Align Right Right-aligns the selected paragraphs.
Justify icon Justify Fully justifies the selected paragraphs.
Insert Table icon Insert Table Inserts a table at the cursor location.
Note: Right-click the table to access the columns, rows, cells and editing commands.
Insert horizontal rule icon Insert horizontal rule Inserts a horizontal bar at the cursor location.
Insert special character icon Insert special character Inserts a specified character at the cursor location.
Font Font drop-down list Sets the selected text to the specified font.
Size Font Size drop-down list Sets the selected text to the specified font size.

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