Clone Business Process


Business processes tailor the approval policies to business needs. A business process along with its parameters make an approval policy.

The Organization Administrator can clone (make a copy of) business processes.

Note It is highly recommended that you immediately clone the Service Manager Service Portal out-of-the-box business process definitions to new names and only edit those copies.



To clone a business process:

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Business Processes application. The Business Processes view is displayed.
  2. In the Business Processes view, click the vertical ellipses next to the business process that you want to clone and select Clone.
  3. Fill in the fields in the Clone process dialog:

    1. Type the Name of the newly cloned business process.
    2. Optional: Type a Description for the newly cloned business process.
  4. Click Create in the Clone process dialog to save your changes.

The Business Processes application takes you directly to the Process Editor. To modify the cloned business process, see Use the Service Manager Service Portal Process Editor.

Note You can also clone a business process from the Process Detail view when you click the vertical ellipses and select Clone.


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