View Business Process Details


Business processes tailor the approval policies to business needs. A business process along with its parameters make an approval policy.

The Organization Administrator can view business process details.



To view the details of a business process:

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Business Processes application. The Business Processes view is displayed.

    The details of the business processes are displayed, including Name, Description, and whether they are published.

  2. Click the specific business process that you want to view or click the vertical ellipses next to the business process and select Detail.

    Additional details of the business process are displayed, including Created date, Last Updated date, and a diagram of the business process definition.

    If the business process definition has been published, the bottom of the page displays information about the current published version, such as the version, when it was published, and its diagram. If there are differences between the current diagram and the published diagram, Contains unpublished changes is displayed.


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