Event Services tables

Event Services uses the following tables.

Table name Description
eventregister Defines the events that exist in the system. Event registration records also specify the eventmaps used to process events and defines the RAD application used for processing.
eventin Table used to move information into Service Manager from an external system. If a corresponding input eventregister record exists, external or internal applications can write records to the eventin table.
eventout Table used to move information from Service Manager into an external system. A specific type of an eventout record can be written only if a corresponding output eventregister record exists.
eventmap Defines how information is parsed. Eventmaps define individual fields and create condition statements for eventin and eventout records. Many eventmap records can exist for each eventregistration record.
eventfilter Prevents duplicate events. Filters block incoming events based on defined criteria to prevent external systems from creating many eventin records for the same item in a short amount of time. Filters can block events by time frame, item, or location.

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