Event Services workflow

Micro Focus Service Manager Event Services has the following workflow:

Phase Details related to the phase
1 Event Services (ES) uses a scheduler called event. You start and stop the event scheduler like any other Service Manager scheduler and process events in background or asynchronously.
2 The event registration file contains all of the information Event Services needs to determine what to do with each event.
3 Mapping records contain instructions to move data from the eventin record to fields in Service Manager files.
4 Based on instructions in the mapping records, a data structure is built.
5 A multi-purpose call routine is issued to the application named in the registration record, along with any necessary variables.
6 When the application has completed, an output event is created and added to the queue, if instructed by the registration.

If Event Services has nothing left to do, it sleeps for an interval, then reawakens to look for more work.

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