Add range definitions

  1. Click Tailoring > Database Manager.
  2. Type validity in the Form field, and then click Search.

    A list of the validity form records in your database opens.

  3. Double-click validity.summary, and then click Search.

    The Validity Table Specifications summary form opens.

  4. Put the cursor in the first line of the Range Summary array.
  5. Click More or the More Actions icon, and then choose Edit Line.

    The Validity Range Detail Specification form opens.

  6. Complete the record as necessary, and then click Add.

    For additional information on writing conditions and expressions, see information on system language in the related topics.

    Note: It is possible that the same range could be allowed under multiple conditions within the same validity record; therefore, the system does not check for duplicate field values.

    Important: If the character field starts with a < or > symbol, you must insert a blank space before it. These symbols are dropped by the Service Manager parser, unless preceded by a blank space.

    The record is added and the buttons in the tool tray change.

  7. Click Back to return to the validity record.

    The system combines the values you entered in the Min Desc and Max Desc fields with the relational operator you specified to produce the string that appears in the Range Summary array.

  8. Put the cursor in the next blank line of the Range Summary array and repeat the above steps until you have established all the ranges for your field.
  9. Click Save to add the record to the validity file.

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