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Specify a display field for a referenced table

You need to define a Display Field in the Data Policy (datadict) record of a referenced table. For example, the out-of-box system defines the device table as the referenced table for the assets field of the cm3r table, and defines the field of the device table as the Display Field. Because of this configuration, Affected CIs in a Change record are retrieved according to their CI Identifier values and displayed as their display names.

Note A referenced table must have only one field as the unique key. Currently only the device table can be set as a referenced table.

To specify a display field for a referenced table, follow these steps:

  1. Click Tailoring > Data Policy.
  2. Open the Data Policy record for the referenced table. For example, open the device Data Policy record.
  3. In the Display Field field, select a value from the drop-down list. For example, select Configuration Item Name -

    A display field has an alias defined in the dbdict record. When you change the Display Field value, Service Manager removes the alias from the previous display field and adds it to the new field.

    Note A display field must meet the following conditions:

    • Has a character data type
    • Is not a Unique key field.
    • Is a No Nulls key field
  4. Click Save to save the Data Policy record.

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