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Define auto complete table columns

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For all fields that have auto complete enabled, their data policy record provides an Auto Complete Table Columns tab, which enables you to define the fields (columns) to display in the auto complete drop-down table for the field. By providing additional key information about the field, this feature helps users easily select the right record from a list of auto complete results.

Tip For a list of fields with auto complete enabled in the out-of-box system, see Out-of-box Comfill fields with auto complete enabled.

Note Auto Complete is always enabled for a field that has a referenced table defined, regardless of the value of the comfillAutoComplete parameter and the Auto Complete property setting defined in Forms Designer for that field. For more information, see Auto complete.

For example, when a web client user enters CI information in the reference modules (such as Incident, and Change), a drop-down table for auto complete is displayed, which lists a number of field values of the matching CIs so that the user can easily select the right CI. By default, the Display Name, CI Identifier, Type, Environment, and Assignment columns are displayed in the auto complete table for CI fields, and only one column is displayed for non-CI fields (for example, the Contact field in an Interaction record).

You can customize the auto complete table columns for a field that has auto complete enabled. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the data policy record for the field. For example, if this is a CI field, open the device data policy.

    There are several ways to do this. For example, open the device dbdict record, and then click More > Data Policy.

  2. Click the Auto Complete Table Columns tab, and then edit the existing list of fields.

    For a CI field, the auto complete drop-down table always displays the field as the first column, even if you delete it from this tab.

    For a non-CI field, auto-complete by default uses the target field that is defined in the corresponding link record. If you want to add more columns, be sure to add this field as the first column. For example, for the Contact field in the Interaction form, the Incidents link record defines the field of the contacts table as the target field. Therefore, if you want to add more columns, you must add the field as the first column on the Auto Complete Table Columns tab of the contacts data policy record. See the following figures.

  3. Save the data policy record.

    Note If you configure an empty or duplicate row, the system automatically removes it when you save your configuration.

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