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Create an alias for your custom CI display name field

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In the out-of-box system, the device table uses the field to store CI display names. However, your production system may use a custom field to store CI names. For this reason, in the device dbdict record, the field is created as an alias for the field. If your device table uses a custom field to store CI names, you only need to specify it in the data policy record so that Service Manager automatically recreates an alias named for it.

Caution Before your proceed, make sure that your custom CI name field has a character data type, and is configured to be a No Nulls key and not a Unique key. If your custom field does not meet these conditions, it is not available for selection from the Display Field drop-down list in the device data policy record.

To create an alias for your custom CI display name field, follow these steps:

  1. Open the device table from Database Dictionary.
  2. From the More or More Actions menu, select Data Policy to open the data policy record.
  3. In the Display Field field, select your custom CI display name field from the drop-down list, for example,

    Note When you change the Display Field value, Service Manager removes the alias from the previous field and adds it to the new field.

  4. Click Save to save the data policy record.
  5. Click OK twice to save the DBDICT record.

  6. Open the device DBDICT record again, and verify that an alias named has been created for your custom field (that is, both the custom field and the alias have the same index number).
  7. Execute the refreshSubscriptionDisplayName ScriptLibrary to update the CI information in subscriptions.

    Note CI information in subscriptions is derived from the Display Field defined in the device data policy record. This step is needed whenever you have changed the Display Field setting.

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