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Specifying a link query

If you want to control the search criteria used by Find and Fill, define a specific link query.

There can be instances when the link is dependent on more than the simple value of fields in the records. For example, links from an incident document could be dependent on the device type. Link Maintenance allows specification of expressions that are evaluated by the Fill and Find operations before the link query is built.

Whenever the link relationship varies according to data in the source record, using expressions and a variable for the target file is the most efficient method for establishing a link.

Expressions process in the order they are listed on the form.

Note: Be aware that If the $query variable is used in link records, each $query value is valid only in the current thread. This means a $query value might be overwritten by executing a second link query. To avoid this issue, you can use $L.query instead of $query in these cases.

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